Welcome to the sign in page for Clover Park School District where you can gain access to your student's financial record and make payments for your student's fees, fines, or ASB activities. VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and Diner's Club credit cards or debit cards that use those systems can be used.

  When logging in, here are few hints to remember:

1.  Use student ID as the user name and last name as the password.

2.  The last name has to be typed in exactly as shown in the student system; i.e., with a capital letter for the first letter and lower case letters after that.

3.  If your last name has special characters, such as an apostrophe ('), DO include the special characters.  Note that the next letter typically would need to be capitalized after the special character.  For example, if you had the last name of "O'Reilly", you would type in "O'Reilly" as the password or if your last name was "Reilly-Smith", you would type in "Reilly-Smith" as the password.

TO SET UP AN ACCOUNT AS A "GUEST" and not using your student's ID, click the following link: Sign up

Once you complete the guest sign up information and click the "Sign up" button, you can start using the payment system.  You will not get a confirming email.

For more assistance, please contact Financial Services at 253/583-5020.